At the forefront of technological innovation, markilux always continues to develop new ways to make your customers comfortable for longer. With our technical knowledge and design expertise, we create industry leading systems designed especially for the commercial sector.

Automatically adapts to the weather conditions

…so you don’t have to.

When paired with our automated sensor accessories, you can set your system to adapt how you’d like it to with the changing elements. Automatically extending and retracting according to wind and sunlight means that you don’t have to take time manually putting up/down umbrellas, meaning you can spend more time caring for your customers.

See the fully adaptable system in action in our latest project:

No noise, no distractions

We design systems that work in harmony with your existing outdoor area. We have developed a specially designed noise-cancelling technology to ensure that our systems are unnoticeable when they’re at work. Our silentec technology means that your customers stay comfortable without the noise of extending and retracting the awning disturbing the atmosphere.

Evolves with the seasons

No matter what time of year it is, keep your customers comfortable while increasing your covers with lighting and heating accessories built to last a lifetime. Our powerful range of heaters ensures immediate heat with no heat-up period, all the while releasing zero carbon emissions. Our selection of LED lighting ensures a life expectancy of up to 49,000 hours, whilst maintaining energy efficiency.

See our lighting and heating accessories at work in our latest project: