Giving back to nature

Just as we like to take inspiration from nature, we like to give inspiration back by ensuring all our shading systems and accessories are as energy efficient as possible. Not only does this help to reduce your business' energy bills, but also helps to preserve our planet. All of our products emit zero harmful carbon emissions and provide effective alternatives to other gas-fuelled options.

Our lighting and heating accessories use a small amount of energy but are incredibly powerful. Our heaters have been meticulously designed to have no 'heating-up' period, providing immediate warmth to your customers. Not only this, but they're also made to last a lifetime.

Virtually limitless options to tailor your system

Choose from 160 fabric patterns
Huge range of colours & over 200 RAL options
Lighting & heating is covered too

Style that’s perfectly paired with technology

Long life arm for peace of mind
Fully automated & quiet operation
Underglass options create a stunning finish