How did we get this figure?

Our calculations

The calculator requires 3 different pieces of information about your business:


Business type

Choose a business type from our list that most suits your venue


Estimated area of coverage

Estimate the space you want to cover with an awning (measured in sq.metre)


Average spend per cover

The average spend per customer, per visit at your venue

Business Type

We use this information to estimate the average time spent at the venue depending on your business type. For hotels and restaurants, we estimate 2 hours, and for cafés or bars, we estimate 1 hour.

Estimated Area of Coverage

We estimate the amount of covers for your space as the following:

  • 10m2 = 4 covers
  • 20m2 = 8 covers
  • 50m2 = 24 covers
  • 100m2 = 40 covers
  • 200m2 = 80 covers

These estimations are based on our workings below:


Average Spend per Cover

The average spend per cover comes into the equation as a key factor in calculating the expected increase in revenue. We multiply this by the  amount of extra covers catered for each year.


An Example...

A calculation based on 20m2 outdoor café space, with £10 average spend per customer:

  • Measure of space (20m2) = a specific amount of covers (8)
  • Number of covers (8) x average spend per customer (£10) = £80
  • x average hours spent at venue per customer (1)
  • x opening hours (we assume 8 hours)
  • x amount of days open per week (we assume 5)

= £3,200

  • x 52 weeks per year
  • ÷ 2 to represent a 50% occupancy rate

= £83,200 revenue generated per year