Our commercial shading systems can be fitted with heating units which provide instant heat, are weather resistant and use 30% less energy to run than conventional heating units.

Infra-red heater

Taking the cold edge off a chilly night. Keep your customers comfortably warm all night without the costly energy bills. Save as much as 30% on energy costs compared to gas heaters, all the while emitting zero carbon emissions. Compatible with most markilux models.

The Infra-red Heater is compatible with these systems

markilux Hotspot

The markilux Hotspot combines heat and light into one sleek accessory. The Hotspot can be fixed either before or after installation of your shading system, directly to a wall or ceiling. Compatible with the 6000, 5010, 990, MX-1 Compact, 1600 and the 1650 models.

The markilux Hotspot is compatible with these systems