UK hardware store

Retail, Bristol

We designed a bespoke shading solution for an interesting project for UK market leading hardware store, which had to suit their specific requirements. The shading systems were needed for the garden area of their Cribbs Causeway store in Bristol. They wanted a fully automated solution, which enabled the plants to have the correct amount of coverage and protection in any weather.

We delivered a selection of custom made systems: 3 markilux syncras, 2 syncra flexes and 1 syncra uno system. This was a fully automated retractable shading solution, equipped with wind and sunlight sensors to ensure that all plants had the correct exposure all year round.

Not only did the system protect their garden products, but it also added an extra element of design to the newly established store.

The project was so successful that stores in France, Poland and Russia followed suit and made an order for the production of their own automated systems.

System used

markilux syncra

Sun, wind, rain – the markilux syncra 2 flex | syncra 2 unoflex protects large scale areas – up to 60 square metres –from everything that could reduce the pleasure of being outside.

Irregardless whether it´s private or commercial use: wherever it is not possible to fix the awning directly to a building, the markilux syncra 2 flex | syncra 2 uno flex is the perfect choice.



  • Wind sensor
  • UV light sensor