MIX Wine Bar

Bar, Stansted Moutfitchet

Mix Wine Bar is a wine, champagne and cocktail bar located in Stansted Moutfitchet. It is situated in a gorgeous village setting, opposite the original location of the old Gilbey Gin distillery and shop.

The bar needed an external element of design that would firstly make for an eye-catching and appealing bar frontage, and secondly to shelter their customers if they chose to stand outside.

We produced three newly designed MX-1 full cassette awnings with integrated lighting and additional heaters to make the space more comfortable for their customers. Printed on the fabric on each awning was the MIX brand, further extending their external marketing as a brand. The fittings have added class and sophistication to the overall exterior design of the building, making it a more appealing location for a drink. With their outdoor space extended, they can now cater for more customers and keep them more comfortable on chillier nights.

System used

markilux MX-1

Experience, knowledge of design and technology as well as beauty and functionality unite in the markilux MX-1 - a combination of a protective roof and an awning. The cassette, including the porch, with a total construction depth of 62 cm, protects windows and facades. The big sister of the markilux MX-1 compact fulfils even unusual wishes by many equipment features such as the folding arms with bionic tendon, 5 - 25° tilt adjustment via a tilt joint, water drainage via an integrated gutter in the front profile and a multitude of optional drive technologies, colour variations and additional equipment. In spite of its dimensions, the markilux MX-1 has a fascinatingly lightweight appearance. Its generous proportions and progressive style represent a conscious facade design.


Cassette awning

  • Infra-red Heater
  • integrated lighting
  • printed fabric