Simpsons Restaurant

Restaurant, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Simpsons Restaurant in Edgbaston, Birmingham is a contemporary and elegant fine dining restaurant that reflects the spirit of of the industry today. It is a Michelin star restaurant, and has held this star since 2000.

The restaurant had a gorgeous outdoor space, with an extremely well manicured, quaint garden in which to enjoy a Michelin star-worthy meal. It needed an extra level of cover, which would fit in with their existing design and also provide an extra level of sophistication to the dining experience. Umbrellas aren't always as effective in a high-end eatery.

We designed a markilux pergola system with a vibrant red weatherproof fabric (woven in house), which added to the contemporary feel of the restaurant. It also gives an amazing lighting effect when the sunlight hits it on a sunny day. The amount of coverage provided added to the luxuriousness of the dining experience, ensuring a seamless mealtime, with no weather disruptions. This has meant more happy customers and much more usable, profitable space for the restaurant, who have seen more and more customers opting for a table outside. Now, the restaurant can take on more covers at a time with the indoor and outdoor space fully utilised.

System used

markilux pergola

It protects large areas from sun, wind and coldness – in both private and commercial domain: markilux pergola 110. Little framework, big benefits – this concept is perfectly translated into the large-scale awning system, resting on slender posts with unobtrusive lateral guide tracks. To compensate surface irregularities, the front posts´ base part is adjustable – up to 10 cm. So is the pitch of markilux pergola 210: easily adjustable via winding handle.