The Clipper Café

Café, Devon

The Clipper Café in Devon is a quaint seaside café that boasts a spectacular view of the harbor from a vast outdoor seating area.

With such an amazing outdoor space, they did not want this to go to waste on days where the weather affects whether customers choose to take a seat outside or not. The café managers expressed that customers tended to sit outside for a quick drink before becoming too warm and moving on.

We developed the ideal solution for the space that extended far away from the main building; we designed two freestanding syncra flex frames with four custom made 1650 awnings. Integrated into the frames were sets of dimmable lights and profile heaters, making the outdoor space valuable in the darker hours and colder months. We added quite a fitting addition to the awning for the seaside café; a special marine finish for extra protection from the surrounding benefits.

This installation converted 60 square metres of outdoor space into profitable space and, as a result, the café managers have noted that their customers are staying longer and even opting to stay for a bite to eat too. Since the system was installed, the café has become more popular than ever and as a result, turnover has increased significantly.

System used

markilux syncra & markilux 1650

Sun, wind, rain – the markilux syncra 2 flex | syncra 2 unoflex protects large scale areas – up to 60 square metres –from everything that could reduce the pleasure of being outside.

Irregardless whether it´s private or commercial use: wherever it is not possible to fix the awning directly to a building, the markilux syncra 2 flex | syncra 2 uno flex is the perfect choice.

  • two freestanding syncra flex systems
  • with four markilux 1650 semi-cassette awnings
  • Lighting
  • Infra-red Heater
Area covered
  • 60 m2