Your restaurant: covered in more ways than one

It’s a bittersweet feeling turning customers down when your popular restaurant is fully booked. Cater for everyone and take away the ‘bitter’ part by extending your outdoor space with a markilux awning.

Discover the value of your outdoor space

Struggling to find space to seat your customers? markilux has you covered in more ways than one. Keeping your customers comfortable whatever the weather can pay off when you take advantage of your profitable space. A markilux awning helps maximise your restaurant covers while you maximise your profit. This solution isn’t just for hot summer days either: add on heating, lighting and sensor elements to create a comfortable space 365 days of the year.

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Keeping your customers covered

Increase your covers by utilising your outdoor space with a markilux awning. Alfresco dining is becoming more appealing than ever here in the UK. Not only this; you can also benefit from extra room to seat more customers. Further promote your brand with an awning bespoke to your business printed with your brand.

Covered 365 days of the year

Increase your restaurant covers

Increase your restaurant’s revenue

Made to order: printed with your brand

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markilux pergola

The markilux pergola comes in two models: the 110 and 210. They are both able to cover a larger area, providing extensive protection, and are fully retractable. The markilux pergola is a perfect match for a restaurant due to its elegant style and the ability to retract and extend with the changing weather.


Wall and floor mounted

  • Electric motor
  • Radio controlled
Area coverage

up to 20 square meters per awning

  • Heater
  • Lighting
  • Light
  • Wind sensor

Available in all designs of the current markliux collection