Keep their heads in the game, not the rain

Whether you need to shade your members in a sweltering heat wave, or shelter them from April showers, a markilux durable awning is the ultimate solution.

Discover the value of your outdoor space

Because our awnings are made to order, we can tailor-make your markilux awning to fit your venue’s specific requirements. The sleek retractable design ensures that it doesn’t impede on the view or take up any of your valuable floor space. You can make sure your sporting fans are comfortable whatever the weather, with this effective shading system. When it comes to effective shading systems, markilux always comes in first place.

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Keeping your fans happy

Upgrade your outdoor space with a venue specific markilux awning, so come rain or shine your sporting fans are comfortable all year round. Markilux’s own in-house textile brand provides our products with a weatherproof design that’s made to last. Create a fully adaptable atmosphere with a retractable awning complete with heating, lighting and weather sensors, all without impeding the view.

Weatherproof design

Escape the indoors

Protection from the elements

Sleek retractable design

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markilux pergola

The markilux pergola comes in two models: the 110 and 210. They are both able to cover a larger area, providing extensive protection, and are fully retractable. The markilux pergola is a perfect match for a restaurant due to its elegant style and the ability to retract and extend with the changing weather.



Area coverage

up to 20 square meters per awning

  • Winding handle
  • Electric motor
  • Radio controlled
  • Heater
  • Lighting
  • Light
  • Wind sensor

Available are all designs of the current markliux collection